From 24-1500 pages (depending on stock requested).


Top: .5"

Outside Edge: .5"

Bottom: .5"

Headers and footers: .5"

Gutter: 0.25" (For InDesign and Quark XPress: .75" Inside)

Check "Mirrored Margins" option in Microsoft Word

File Submissions:

We require print-ready, high-resolution PDF files with fonts embedded.

(If you are unable to provide PDF files, we may be able generate the PDF file for you at an additional charge.

We will require all your files, images and fonts used for the book. File types accepted include InDesign,

Quark Xpress and Microsoft Word. Publisher files are not accepted.)

Cover Specifications:

Click here and click "download" get our cover template PDF. Type in the request information and the file will

calculate your cover width, height and spine.

Are your files ready to go? Click here to upload.

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