Microsoft Word Page Setup:

Go to File/Page Setup. Choose Microsoft Word from the Settings pulldown menu.

Apply the settings to the Whole Document

Click the Margins button

Top: .5"

Bottom: .5"

Left: .5"

Right: .5"

Gutter: .25"

Headers and footers: .5"

Check "Mirrored Margins" option in Microsoft Word

Click Page Setup while still in this menu

Go to Paper Size and choose Mange Custom Sizes from the pulldown menu

Click the + to add a new size

Type in your desired book size in the Paper Size boxes, i.e. 6 in and 9 in for a 6x9 book.

Enter .5 for Top, Bottom, Left, Right

Click Okay

Make sure the correct paper size is now showing in the bar next to the words Paper Size

Click Okay

Click Okay again

Your margins are now set.


InDesign/Quark Xpress Setup:

Go to File/New Document

Type in the size of your book in the Width and Height boxes, i.e. 6" x 9"

Set the margins as follows:

Top: .5"

Bottom: .5"

Inside: .75"

Outside: .5"

Click Okay

Your margins and file are now setup.

Ask us to recommend a graphic artist or format the text yourself.

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